Cheyne was born in 1983 and presciently named after professional surfer Cheyne Horan from Australia. In late 80’s, Cheyne had a front row seat to the entire H-Street revolution, skating and travelling with all the H-Street riders. In the 90’s, Cheyne moved to Hawaii with his mom and became one of the top surfers of that island and went on to have a lengthy professional surf career. All while keeping close contact with his skateboarding roots and becoming a fairly proficient all around skater himself, having grown up street skating and getting plenty of bowl and vert influence from his Dad. Back in the 80’s, Tony Mag thought there should be a board that was specifically designed for kids and had Cheyne draw a little fun figure that became the “Squash Model” and was Cheyne’s Pro Model as a 6 year old. All in good fun.

Fast forward to 2016, when Cheyne gets an invitation to represent team LA in a very unique surf competition in China, Hang Zjou to be specific, just south of Shanghai. There, a tidal bore wave named the Silver Dragon rolls through the Qiantang River twice a year for a few days during the equinox. It’s literally a wave that almost goes forever, quite dangerous to surf on and you need special permission to do so by the Chinese government. Long time surf legend Peter Townsend (Tosh Townsend’s dad) has been instrumental in helping develop this contest, where a team of two surfers take turns riding the Silver Dragon, using a jet ski. In 2016, team LA, consisting of Bodyglove riders Cheyne and his Buddy Alex Gray took on Team Huntington Beach, Team Australia and Team China, all who had previous experience in how to negotiate this very unusual and freakish natural phenomena. Cheyne and Alex did not and due to an impending hurricane, the 4 day contest was cut down to just one, leaving Cheyne and Alex with no practice either. It was do or die for Team LA and in a remarkable feat, Cheyne and Alex emerged the Silver Dragon Slayers for 2016.

In a totally unrelated event, H-Street’s famous and prolific imagery intelligence specialist, Fian Arroyo had an art show to do and called up T-Mag with this image of a Viking slaying a dragon. With a little bit of art direction, the image became the silver dragon and the whole graphic became a tribute to Cheyne being the Silver Dragon Slayer.

The board is handmade at Watson and the complexity of the artwork gave the silk screen artist at Watson a challenge to deal with. It’s available in a limited edition, comes in a few different color ways and finishes and features a surf inspired shape for riding big stuff, using the H-Street Supreme Concave. It’s the ultimate surf-skate for ripping around the park, the pool and your local boardwalk.


33.2 X 9 / NOSE 6 / TAIL 7 / WHEELBASE 15.5

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