We got together with Deathbox and issued this Hackett Slash collaboration Park & Pool deck. The artwork was originally done by Marc McKee for a benefit to raise money for the Hackman when he recovered from a serious bout with cancer a number of years ago. It was then issued on a popsicle board and didn’t really show the whole graphic as drawn by Marc.

We love his artwork and saw an opportunity to work with Hackett and Deathbox and put this amazing artwork on a board that Hackett can actually ride. The Slash is made in two sizes, Large and XLarge. The large is 32.5” and the XL is 34”.

The Large is made on Watson Lam’s standard Vice mold and the X Large is made on the H-Street Supreme Concave. The Large is the 4-3 Layup, which is a standard thickness for Watson and the X Large is the Thick Bitch layup of 5-2, which will support the gnarliest, heaviest duty pool skaters out there.

Both sizes comes with Watson famous hand silk screening, where the grey on the board is a metallic silver, which is hard to tell in the photo but looks super killer when you see it. Both sizes come in White Dip, Red Dip and Split Wood.

We also teamed up with Osiris to make the Hackett Slash shoe, where this totally awesome artwork is printed on the insole, check that out on our site.

This is a very limited run, only 50 boards in total are made.


LARGE SPECS L 32.5 X 9 / NOSE 6.5 / TAIL 6.75 / WHEELBASE 15

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