David Hackett is not only a legendary skater; he is also Bro’s with T-Mag. Because of this, T-Mag asked if Hackett would want his own model on H-Street, of course the answer was “YES”! While Hackett didn’t ride for H-Street back in the day, this Supreme Concave style designed by T-Mag makes up for lost time. The Supreme Concave features a dual radius spoon nose and tail. The spoon nose and tail means the nose and tail are concave at a radius of 35 inches, which create a more concave tail than most boards on the market today. The dual radius in combination of the concave tail forms a pocket for your back foot that is unbelievably comfortable and secure. Made in the USA and constructed with high quality maple wood and a new school drill pattern, the Supreme Concave technology is the ultimate deck to ride any park, pool or ramp.


L 34/ W 9.5/ NOSE 5.8 / TAIL 7.5 / WHEELBASE 16.5

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