Here’s the Matt Hensley “Shoeboard” cruiser, which ended up as a fun little side project of The Magnificent Seven. The cruiser features Red Kryptonics 65mm wheels that are an awesome ride and a set of custom powdered coated Tracker Dart truck, with our Mark Logo printed right on the hanger.

Watson Lam made the board and hand silk-screened it in three different colors. The Cruiser features a mellow concave and kicktail, which is perfect for cruising. It also has this clear coat that has a “built-in” griptape, just enough to keep your feet somewhat in place while cruising. If you wanna get fresh with the shoeboard and do some real tricks, like T-Mag did at Bucky’s (see insta post), you’ll need to put some real griptape on it.

The graphics are a “spin-off” from one of Matt’s most historic graphics, the Street Swinger, originally drawn by Scott Obradovich, one of the original H-Street artists, who made a number of historic design for H-Street in the 80’s.

The overall dimensions are 10” X 26”, with a 4.75” Tail and 2.8” Nose and a 14.25” Wheelbase, in a standard 4-3 maple construction. There’s only 28 that are made and who knows if these will get made again. Given that we ride all the stuff that we make, this is an “HQ favorite” so if ours get worn out, we might have to make more.

The Truck axle is 6.25”, which is about a 159 and fits boards that are around 9” wide. The Dart is based is on the classic Tracker Sixtrack, with their new Dart base plate, which is one of the most stable trucks ever casted; 356 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, 4140 Chromoly steel axles and grade 8 kingpins. Every part of this truck was proudly hand built and inspected in the USA.

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