Tony Mag got together with a local Military equipment company to create an extra tough, roomy and capable bag for serious skateboarding. It’s made of Military tested Cordura Vinyl backed fabric and injection molded clips and buckles with high quality nylon straps that is perfect for all rough and tumble skateboard use.

If you carry a full set of pads, drinks, water bottle, clothing, duct tape, first aid kit, tools, spare parts, stickers and you need to jam a laptop into the same bag and want a secret pocket and you want the option to hang a variety of accessories off the bag to suit your own needs with the Military Molle strap system, then the H-Street Molon.Labe.Mil 3 Day Pack is for you.

It’s called a 3 Day Pack because it holds 3 days worth of Military gear, which is not all that different from skate gear, in that we are concrete warriors of sorts.

The 3 Day Pack comes complete with a removable and adjustable straps that holds most sized skateboards, which attaches to the main compression straps on the sides of the bag. You can use the compression straps with the skateboard straps on or off.

The heavy duty waist strap is both removable and can be folded into the pad on the back that retains it.

The Military Molle strap system is designed to customize your bag to hold a variety accessories, making custom options almost endless, in that there are a ton of Molle strap accessories in the market place. You can also add a variety of straps to greatly enhance the carrying capability of the bag.

The rear pocket is designed to hold a 2-3 liter water bladder system that “snakes” through the pack and onto the heavy duty shoulder straps or a laptop up to 17.5” X 10.5” .

The 3 Day Pack is a 40 Liter pack with 1 large main compartment and 19 other pockets and slots of different shapes and sizes to hold all your gear.

The skateboard straps are designed to be removable; they are attached to the compression straps which function in either configuration.

The 3 Day Mil pack is designed to carry the weight of the board on the bottom strap as opposed to the top strap that is common on most skate bags.

This allows for the weight to get transferred onto the waist strap, if that is in use, making for the most comfortable and effective way to carry a skateboard on a pack.

The bottom strap is also adjustable to vary where the board ends up on the bag.

The skate straps are also capable of carrying the board with the griptape out, which is much more proper than griptape in, since griptape will tear up just about anything it is in contact with. Hook one or both wheels on the bottom strap and you’re good to go.

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