Tony Mag’s Pro career started in the early 80’s with a company called UWS that consisted of three UCSD student, where one of partners was an engineering student, one marketing and another an art & photography major. All that you needed for a garage DIY company in early 80’s, except they didn’t really skate. T-Mag needed a board sponsor and a job, so a match made in heaven was made. Not only did Mag ride for UWS but he also learned how to make the skateboards and since the UWS dudes were technical geniuses; he learned all kinds of hi-tech board design and manufacturing, a skill and passion that would last to this day.

UWS specialized in a thinner 6-ply board, made with epoxy and fiberglass, making for a better and more responsive board. UWS also made this dual laminated foam/Kevlar board, where much of the board was replaced by urethane foam and reinforced with Kevlar and fiberglass.

Somewhere around 1984, Christian Hosoi blew away the whole skate industry away with his fishtail and hammerhead boards shapes, totally opening up the possibility of what skateboards could look like. There’s no doubt that T-Mag’s hexagon board was inspired by Christian’s designs. But by this time, T-Mag had designed the Hell Concave mold and the Hexagon board became very unique in its function and the way it rode.

T-Mag’s been asked to re-issue this board for years but for some reason he didn’t really like the name UWS, so a compromise had to be made. The Epoxy/Glass, Hell Concave, Hexagon board, complete with nose rivets (there for durability) was remade on the original Hell Concave mold. The shape was updated to reflect the need for a bigger nose and the graphics were re-created as an H-Street board, with a modern hole pattern, so that it can be collected or ridden. It’s made at Watson Lam, with hand silk screened graphics, just like in the 80’s.

This edition was made on the Supreme Concave, by popular demand. Available in a limited edition run.


32.2 X 9.75, NOSE 5.5, TAIL 7, WB 15.5

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