The Tony Mag Trauma deck was originally the mini version to his original H-Street deck, which is part of The Magnificent Series of original Re-Issue boards and called “The Alien”. While The Alien features all original specs, the Trauma has been updated in a variety of ways to function as a collector wall hanger as well as a great Park & Pool board and features the newly developed Supreme Concave, T-Mag’s modern update on the original Hell Concave.

It also features a 16” wheelbase, something T-Mag swears by for anyone that rides parks and pools, is taller than he is (T-Mag is only 5’4”) and older than say 25. The 16” wheelbase provides a more stable ride and if you’re so inclined, works way better for really high airs. According to T-Mag, most boards in the 80’s had a 16” wheelbase and the shorter WB is a direct product of street skating and some vert/pool skaters that wanted to do technical flip tricks on vert. So unless that’s your thang, ride a 16” wheelbase and be stoked!

The Trauma has been in the H-Street Park & Pool lineup before with transfer paper graphics and T-Mag finally decided that this board deserves a real handmade silk screen job, along with the classic split dyed veneer option and the best lamination job that Watson Lam offers, given its classic design and the fact that Francesco originally did the graphics.

The construction is the updated and standard 4-3 layup, that features a good mix between thin, light and stiff and this board rides really well for most weights. If you’re a buck 80 or more AND you’re charging really hard, you may want to look at the 5-2 layup or the “thick bitch” (7 layers of 1/16, like in the 80’s, see the Hackett boards).

The shape is a classic H-Street 80’s shape and is built on the Supreme Concave technology; the ultimate design to ride any park, pool or ramp. The Supreme concave features a seamless and elliptical concave curve across the body of the board and a dual radius curved tail with a fair amount of concave. The dual radius in combination of the concave tail forms a pocket for your back foot that is unbelievably comfortable and secure.

Made in California at Watson Lam and constructed with high quality maple wood and available in a variety of natural, stained and split veneers and the best hand silk screen job that could be had anywhere.


L 32.5/ W 9/ NOSE 5.8 / TAIL 6.5 / WHEELBASE 16

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